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    As kids, the first thing we did when we got our new teddy bear home was to introduce it to their new family. We couldn't wait to take our new friends with us everywhere.

    We loved our teddy bears as if they were real people and a member of our family. We named them, feed them, clothed them, cared for them, and took them on all the family vacations. When our teddy bears got sick, we nursed them back to health. When our teddy bears got dirty, we gave them a bath.


    As adults, we are teddy bear collectors, now. See things have changed just a little for us. We now find a special shelf or table in our home to carefully display our new, clean, off-limits addition to the family. We leave on the original tags and dare not play with them.

    As adults, we love our aging childhood teddy bear. When other people see our played-with and faded teddy bear, they see something that should be thrown out. We see our favorite childhood friend. We know this teddy bear is a trusted companion who shares in our good times and sticks by us through the hard times.