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biggest bear biggest bear

    This is the biggest Teddy Bear. Believe it or not, it is handmade Teddy Bear! It is stuffed and very adorable. It is 9 feet tall (when standing) and 5 feet wide. It weighs about 280 lbs and it is very cozy.

   As you can see, itís gray in color. It is quite the celebrity. This teddy bear has been all around the world. It is mainly used for decoration and promotional events. It truly is an eye-catching, heart stopping antique. Its origin is London, England.

   This teddy bear was specially made for Harrodsís department store to put on display and then donated to a Christmas auction. It has served well with its purpose and now they are just looking to put it in a good home.

   It makes the most comfortable seat in any house! It has always been very well taken care of and is still in fantastic condition.

    The bear is worth $20,000.
    Which is about RM 70,000!